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We will be adding schedule and artist details over the coming days ready for launch. You can then keep an eye on the work created throughout the 7-week project.

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Work produced during these sessions will form an unfurling display in the Gallery. Video content and other digital media can also be viewed here.


Tue 10 New Wolsey Youth Theatre, live intervention to project (time TBC)
Mon 16 SUFFOLK ARTLINK, rehearsed reading for new radio play

Tuesday, review (blog / programme update)
Tuesday, 4rce Training (Media, Community and Art)
Wednesdays, open until 5.30pm After School Show and Tell (bookable)
Big Draw Activities every Saturday, ALL WELCOME

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Gameshows 2: 'Halloween Special' with Harold Offeh!

The second workshop with artist Harold Offeh invited the young people of Ipswich to celebrate Halloween with a scarecrow-making competition, followed by apple-bobbing and a chance to practise their 'moon-walking' skills to the sounds of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

These guys and girls didn't worry about getting their hair wet and got stuck right in to the apple-bobbing. They even managed to get our young volunteer Daniel and THG's arts officer Julia to have a go! (Check out the slideshow below!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nishanti 'UNTOLD CIC' Fashion Workshop

Saturday 14 November saw the last artist-led workshop of 'Get With The Programme' in which young designer Nishanti from UNTOLD CIC led a group of enthusiastic young people interested in fashion and design. The concept behind the workshop was sustainable fashion and to share the skills of re-using and customising old clothes in imaginative new ways.

Some came to the workshop already with ideas and items of clothes they wanted to customise, who Nishanti assisted on the sewing machines.

Some of the participants decided to get messy andcustomise t-shirts with fabric paints and tassels with imaginative and colourful results.

Others came with an open-mind and found inspiration in the materials provided by Town Hall Galleries and Mind Charity Shop to create brand new items of clothing and handmade accessories to model at our fashion show.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Part 3 of 'Gameshows' with Harold Offeh

In the third and final workshop drop-in session, artist Harold Offeh took his gameshow activities to the people of Ipswich by setting up an events tent in the main town square and inviting passing shoppers to join the fun.  

We also saw the return of the Stop Show challenge, which was won by Fisher (below) whose guess of 9.85 seconds came closest to the 10 second goal, becoming our Stop Show Champ!

Physical challenges from the current hit-programme The Cube were developed upon with local people testing their concentration with the stick of doom!

Lauren mastered the course in one attempt...

...whilst others needed a second (and third) attempt.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

LaMont'e Johnson, 'BLING YA BIKE', 30th Oct 2009

American Artist, youth worker and teacher LaMont’e Johnson director of Artworks Direct brought a crew to deliver Brixton Bicycle Art (custom bike painting) in Ipswich. Participants were taken through a process from design to spray painting. Following the Pimp my Ride format young people were invited to bring old bikes, skateboards and scooters to learn new skills, express your creative imagination and gain awareness of community resources.

River with the Town Hall Galleries' GET WITH THE PROGRAMME bike.

LaMont'e helping to personalise two different types of scooters!

Wanja Kimani 'P[H]OETRY' Wednesday 28 October 2009

Artist Wanja Kimani explores the relationship between photographs and poetry. Wanja took to the streets of Ipswich with a supply of cameras and invited young people to photograph a personal response to their experiences of Ipswich.


These photographic images were intended to inspire a prosaic response and to give Wanja a sense of the enviroment and receptivity of Ipswich for any future collaborations with Get With The Programme.


Fun with face-painting in the town centre

Harold Offeh 'ON GAME SHOWS', Pt 1, 24th Oct 2009

The project’s lead artist Harold Offeh invited visitors to look at various TELEVISION GAMESHOW formats as spectacle, competition and entertainment.

Part 1 was a playful participatory event that looked at previous and existing family favourite game shows. We looked at classic and contemporary games including Win, Lose or Draw, Total Wipeout, It's a Knock Out. and asked participants play some and develop their own ideas.

Harold also explored the ideas of German artist Dirk Fleischmann, whose simple idea of guessing ten seconds on a stop-watch became the international gameshow Stop Show. Harold wins!

Harold will follow up Saturdays 31st October (Pt 2) and 7th November (Pt 3).

There is no obligation to attend all of these but they will link in some way.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gareth Bayliss: THIS IS ME. Tuesday 27 & Thursday 29 October 2009

During Half-Term week Town Hall Galleries collaborated with artist, illustrator, typographer Gareth Bayliss to deconstruct stereotypes in youth culture by inviting young people to draw and create puppets to give voice to these youth tribes.

Although it was raining outside, lots of young people aged between 3 and 21 helped to make the puppets and participated in the filmed 'studio' interviews. Gareth then took to the streets of Ipswich to interview more young people to get their views on youth stereotypes.

The final line up. Geeks, chavs, emos,  hoodies, punks, ras, skaters, even Wayne Rooney!! Soon  to be appearing in a scripted chat show. Watch this space.....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Harold Offeh leads an activity this Saturday

Come and have a go at this FREE event led by lead-artist Harold Offeh.

Harold will be looking at the TELEVISION GAMESHOW format.
This will be a playful participatory event. Participants will be invited to look at previous and existing game shows, play some and then develop a specific game at the end of the day.

Harold will be showing some brief examaples of his favourite gameshows and asking the participants to share the favourites, using YouTube as a visual resource.
Paractical making will also take place in the space.
Harold will be in the Gallery Saturday 24th, 31st October and 7th November.

LieLow & Sketch

The Ipswich based 2 man illustration collective illustrate the gallery surfaces in response to the project's televisual theme.

There was also opportunity to make TVs out of cardboard. We have continued this activity, visitors to the gallery may have a go at making their own.

There are some really exciting things planned for the next few weeks. Keep an eye on the schedule for updates.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Saturday 3 October, 2.30 - 4.oopm
Town Hall Galleries

Harold Offeh will kick start GWTP in the Gallery with a lively introductory presentation looking at approaches to TV in artistic practice showing clips from television shows and his own work.

A programme will follow with artist-led sessions and events (via Fashion/ Dance/ Media/ Performance/ Words/ Activism/ Hip-Hop/ Africa/ Diaspora) that give voice to ideas about community, identity, place and ownership, communicated through familiar TV formats and media processes.

Updates will be available on the gallery wall and on the web or follow us online

Would you would like to propose an idea or presentation for broadcast? Contact: 01473 432863,

Harold Offeh will lead sessions on Saturdays 24/31 October & 7 November looking at Game Shows.

Further artist and designer-led activities will take place every Saturday, including the Big Draw.
Half Term Young People’s Art Week (Tuesday 27 – Saturday 31) for young people by young people

THG would like to thank the New Art Exchange, Nottingham, 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning and Untold Design CIC in London. The New Wolsey Theatre, University Campus Suffolk, 4rce Training and CSV Media Clubhouse,Ipswich for their participation.